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Another great outcome! Suffer with a chronic neck pain, have a read!

This is why I love my job!

This client (Andy) has been diagnosed with a C5/6 herniated discs and severe generative changes to his cervical and upper thoracic spine. This was causing a great deal of pain and greatly reduced range of movement to the neck. Andy was also experiencing constant radicular pain through the shoulder into the right arm and down into the hand. Being seated at his desk, even for short periods, was causing a great deal of pain and Andy was feeling increasingly concerned about his ability to work with a long period of absence following surgery looking likely.

Following the assessment I recommended a sit-stand desk, dual monitor arm, ergonomic mouse and the RH Logic 400 ergonomic office chair to Andy's manager. This was all delivered the following week. However, Andy's postural changes were so severe that when I delivered and set up the equipment it was not possible for him to rest his neck on the chairs neckrest. This would be important whilst taking short breaks, attending video call meetings or reading data on the screen for long periods. Due to this Andy was quite disheartened and not convinced at all that the chair would be much help at all. However, I explained fully how to use the chair and how often he should be switching being seated and standing using the adjustable desk and also how often he should be resting throughout the day. I also encouraged Andy to be extra vigilant with the exercises prescribed by his physio and to do them as frequently as advised. We would then review again in four weeks following his next appointment with the surgeon.


Four weeks on during a complimentary follow up visit Andy is feeling so much better and the improvement to posture is quite remarkable.

Neck pain and referral into the arm has reduced significantly and range of movement has increased by more than 30%. Just look at how Andy's neck can now comfortably rest on the neckrest! Shoulder/neck balance has been restored with Andy's earlobe now in line with his shoulder and the shoulders are no longer rounded forward, this is taking a huge amount of weight and strain off the cervical and thoracic spine. Great effort Andy, well done!

However, the best news of all is that Andy's surgeon has seen enough improvement that he has been discharged and does not need to see him again unless there is any significant return of the symptoms.

All this for a total cost of £1600.00. Pretty amazing compared to what the cost could have been to Andy and his employer. How much would you pay to avoid potentially life threatening surgery?

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