Sudarshan Kriya

Friday, 13 August 2021 10:10
  Sudarshan Kriya changed my life and probably saved it too! My father had passed away very suddenly a few years earlier and being so young I had never dealt with it properly and it was causing me a huge amount of internal stress and anxiety. Combining this with very long work hours looking after elite…

Is it time to shine our shoes again?

Wednesday, 11 August 2021 12:20
  Is it time to shine our shoes again and go out and buy some new office clothes (that fit) and step out enjoy feeling normal again with our work colleagues? It's been great to be back into one or two offices to do assessments this last few weeks. The majority still with essential staff…
This is why I love my job! This client (Andy) has been diagnosed with a C5/6 herniated discs and severe generative changes to his cervical and upper thoracic spine. This was causing a great deal of pain and greatly reduced range of movement to the neck. Andy was also experiencing constant radicular pain through the…
Below are my five top tips which I hope will help you work more comfortably at home. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more great tips and suggestions for you. Facebook: DSE Solutions Ltd     Instagram: simondsesolutions   Written by: Simon Revington-Dean, Managing Director DSE Solutions Ltd   Top tip number 1 The correct…

Working from Home Study Box

Tuesday, 01 December 2020 11:59
Our amazing Study Box is now available to order online and now in more great colour combinations. Study Box (
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