Wednesday, 06 April 2016 11:59

Thank you from Chorlton Blinds

16th March, 2016

Dear Simon,

I’d like to thank you as DSE Solutions for taking the time to come and do an assessment of my home office and my husband’s desk setup, where he spends hours on his computer dealing with the internet side of the business. He really appreciated the time you spent understanding his work style and methods as well as assessing the work area and found the advice that you could give him immediately was invaluable, you’re obviously an expert at what you do.

The products you recommended for him and were able to source for us quickly, within our desired price range, are excellent. I’ve especially appreciated your timely service this week as I’ve been covering him while he’s away and that chair is a huge improvement! Thanks for a great service, I’d certainly recommend you to anyone working from home as well as in an office to make sure they’ve got their workstation setup correctly and with the right equipment to avoid bad posture and all the negative effects that can have on your health.

Yours faithfully,

Liz Purcell

Chorlton Blinds

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