Monday, 27 January 2014 10:36

Taking Action: Public sector focus on a well-being strategy

There has been a big a focus on employee well-being over the last 12 months, according to the CIPD’s 2013 Absence Management Survey. With over 60% of public sector organisations looking to identify and reduce stress related absence. Despite this the public sector lost on average 1.5 more days per employee per year than the private sector and their absence costs on a whole were almost double that of the private sector. It is hardly surprising though with over 70% of public sector organisations forced to make huge cuts through redundancies again in 2013.

The survey also showed that despite the cuts 95% of public sector organisations are still collecting data on the causes of absence and 93% are monitoring the cost of absence. With Stress, musculoskeletal and mental health being the biggest cause of absence, accounting for over 70% of working days lost. On a positive note family related absence (taking time off to care for children or family) dropped by 30% in 2013. This relates to the public sector offering more flexible working hours than the private sector with many public sector organisations introducing new flexible shift patterns.

The focus in 2014 is to implement a well planned employee well-being strategy, with over 60% of public sector and 50% of the private sector working to a plan. With larger companies and organisations three times more likely to do so. For more information on employee well-being and taking positive steps towards looking after your staff contact DSE Solutions.


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