Tuesday, 14 January 2014 09:26

Make a positive start to 2014

This winter can be a terrible time for back and neck pain, so it's the time to think positive. Try this routine for one week and you will feel better.

A few light exercises in the morning to get your body moving before you get dressed. Lying on your back and pulling your knees to your chest (one at a time) will loosen your lower back, shoulder shrugs and shoulder rolls will get your upper body moving. Eat some fresh fruit with yoghurt or with cereal and allow plenty of time to get to work, there is nothing more stressful or painful for your back than being stuck in traffic. Getting into work early will also allow you to organise your work and work area so that you are ready for the day. Make sure your chair is set so that it supports your back fully and keep your keyboard and mouse close to the front edge of the desk. This will stop you leaning forward onto your desk so pressure on your back is reduced. Throughout the day take short breaks away from computer and get your shoulders and back moving, this will promote circulation and improve your posture. Finally, drink plenty of water, boiled hot water is surprisingly refreshing and will keep you hydrated.

If you need any more advice about getting comfortable at your desk give us a call we will be happy to help.


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