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Back pain is very common within the workplace, particularly with those that use a computer throughout their day. This is generally caused by leaning forward to use equipment on the desk. This fixed forward position causes "static muscle loading". This increases tension within the muscles and causes strain on the joint supporting ligaments, particularly in the lower back. If back pain continues for more than a few days, particularly without any obvious cause or trauma advice should be taken from a GP.

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Ensure the desk height is suitable for the individual. The best way to check this is; Adjust the chair height so that the users knees are slightly lower than their hips with their feet on the floor. Then look at the elbow height in relation to the desk. If the elbows are a great deal higher than the desk you need to raise the users desk height so that they become level. If their elbows are lower than the desk height the user needs to raise their chair height, this is likely to lift their feet off the floor and they will therefore require a suitable footrest.

There are also a wide variety of chairs that can improve working postures and reduce back pain that increases when seated. There are many factors to be considered when choosing a chair for an individual; such as height, weight, natural posture, medical conditions and the working environment. The most affective way to do this is through a workstation assessment.

Chairs with forward tilt and a balanced movement mechanism will provide the most relief. When purchasing a chair for specific needs ensure it is delivered with full user training and set to according to the individuals needs. It is important to take advice as to which chair is most suitable for an individual. DSE Solutions will be happy to help you with this.

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