Hand and Arm pain

Pain in the arm and hand is often linked to tension in the neck and/or shoulders but can also be caused by over gripping or repetitive actions. If there has been no obvious trauma or activities carried out that involve repetitive movements of the hand or arm then it is likely that the symptoms are being caused by poor postures at the desk. If the cause is not identified and rectified quickly the symptoms become chronic and increasingly painful. Using a standard computer mouse is one of the biggest causes of hand and arm pain due to the position it places the hand, arm and shoulder. Advice from a GP is recommended if the symptoms do not reduce very quickly and it is important that a full workstation assessment is carried out as early as possible.

The DSE Solutions

A good ergonomic mouse that reduces gripping may provide some relief to arm and hand pain, but only if over stretching is also reduced. It is a a good idea to use a chair with adjustable armrests. Supporting the arms effectively on armrests will prevent leaning forward onto the desk and keep the elbow position close to the centre line of the body. This will greatly reduce over stretching of the arms and therefore reduce tension to the arms and hands.

A flexible document holder placed between the keyboard and the monitor will also ensure the keyboard and mouse stay close to the front edge of the desk, reducing the risk of overstretching further. This will also improve working postures, reducing nerve path referral from the neck and shoulders and ensure paperwork is at a comfortable viewing angle.

Other equipment may also be necessary depending on the degree of discomfort, the individual’s natural working postures and the duties they are required to do. DSE Solutions will be happy to help you with this by carrying out a workstation assessment for you.

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