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February Newsletter

February 2013 Newsletter

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February 2013
2nd edition

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With just two months to go before another year end no doubt you are busy budgeting for the year ahead. February's newsletter therefore is all about planning, particularly with regards to employee welfare. We have information for you on office furniture, employee insurance and the pension reforms. Also, on a slightly different note, and as its February, there are some great tips for all you back pain sufferers…because everyone should enjoy Valentine’s day.

Don't let back pain ruin Valentine's!

We help many back pain sufferers within the workplace every week thanks to our fantastic ergonomic office chairs. But for many severe back pain sufferers the pain is not so easy to manage at home and can cause big problems in the bedroom. When it comes to your sex life, low back pain can have a serious impact. You may start avoiding bedroom encounters for fear of triggering more pain, and if your partner gets no explanation for your seeming loss of interest, your relationship may feel strained, too. Why not have a look at these do’s and don’ts of exercises so that both you and your partner can enjoy this year’s valentines? Please consult your Doctor if you suffer with any medical condition before trying new exercises.

A Great Offer and a Great Chair

During February and March 2013 we are offering DSE Solutions newsletter readers any chair within the Therapod range at 30% discount. The chairs are also available to trial to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to purchase.

Why Therapod?

Here at DSE Solutions we only recommend the most suitable products for any individual or company to use. When it comes to Ergonomic office seating we have more than 60 different chairs to select from. This month we would like to focus on Therapod chairs manufactured by Status Seating here in the UK which are not only a really comfortable office chair but also one of the best ergonomic chairs available due to the unique support they provide to the entire spine. All Therapod chairs have a sophisticated mechanism that allows the chair to move with the user as they move at their desk. This is essential particularly when moving or reaching forward, without it the lower back will become unsupported. This leads to unwanted and dangerous pressure to build in and around the lower back, the most vulnerable part of the spine when seated. 
The Therapod is the great choice when solving issues such as back pain or when looking to improve comfort for all as a superb standard office chair.

What is DSE Insurance?

You have Building Insurance, vehicle insurance, liability insurance and quite possible medical insurance. So why not insure your most valuable assets, you and your staff?

We introduced DSE Insurance last year with the help of The Alan Stevenson Partnership in Altrincham. We did so because of the government cuts in disability aid that used to be available to employers to help pay for equipment for their staff. DSE Solutions were the first to react to these cuts with the introduction of DSE Insurance, which not only pays for essential equipment, such as high grade ergonomic chairs, but also medical treatments, such as physiotherapy.
We believe DSE Insurance will become an important part of business insurance in the future as companies recognise the importance of retaining staff for the long term.  The swift and effective management of any problems they may encounter during their employment is a crucial part of that.

DSE insurance is a great product to work alongside employee medical insurance, with both policies in place you really have everything covered. Read more

A small annual premium from as little as £20.00 will cover the cost any specialist equipment required to keep an employee in work, and most importantly working comfortably. If you would like to know more about DSE insurance please contact us directly.

In the news...

Pension changes on your mind?

Staff Pensions and Auto Enrolment.
As you are probably aware there have been some big changes to pension laws recently and it is important to know how they may affect you and your business. We are all going to have to provide a pension scheme for our staff eventually so now’s the time to get to know exactly what we need to do. For all the advice you need contact the pension experts at

Mutual Financial Management LLP or
contact Austin Hutchinson on 0161 448 4755.

Austin will provide a free assessment of your obligations together with a cash flow forecast to help you budget for the expenditure. Providing an excellent company pension scheme is an important commitment to your staff. It will also go a long way in securing their commitment to you.

Information on the pension reforms can also be found at

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The Therapod - 30% OFF

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Don't let back pain ruin Valentine's!
A Great Chair and a Great Offer
What is DSE Insurance?
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