Shoulder Pain

Pain in the shoulder can occur very quickly and once it starts can be very difficult to treat. The shoulder is a very complex joint that needs to perform many different actions. By placing a shoulder in one position for too long will cause imbalance in the muscles and strain on the shoulder joint ligaments. Using a computer mouse with the arm stretched forward or with body weight leaning on the desk can cause reduced shoulder mobility and painful symptoms can occur very quickly. Associated pain can also be experienced in the neck and back and often the never path can be affected causing numbness in the arm.

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The positioning of equipment such as the keyboard, mouse and paperwork is very important in order to reduce the risk of shoulder pain. The keyboard and mouse should stay close to the front edge of the desk to encourage upright working postures and the chair should be adjusted so that the elbows are level with the surface of the desk when in a relaxed position. Equipment such as a flexible document holder is the best way of ensuring equipment and paperwork stay close to the front edge of the desk. Also ergonomic chairs with forward tilt will keep the shoulders back reducing strain on the back, shoulders and neck. It is also a good idea to use a chair with adjustable armrests. If you support the arms with the elbow position back in line with your shoulder and close to the centre line of the body you will reduce over stretching and promote better working postures.

A basic DSE assessment and user training should dramatically reduce the risk of shoulder pain. However, if symptoms occur a full workstation assessment is advisable, we will be happy to do this for you.

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