Tuesday, 03 April 2018 13:44

RH Activ, still ticks all the right boxes

Looking for quality office chairs for your staff? Here at DSE Solutions we review 100's of products to ensure we recommend only the best products for our clients, including office seating.

One of our favourite office chairs that ticks all the right boxes is the RH Activ. A fully adjustable and ergonomic office chair at a great price!

The Activ has been pretty much unchanged in it's design for more than 15 years but is often overlooked when it comes to selecting an office chair suitable for all staff. Maybe this is because other RH chairs such as the Logic 300 and 400 are used so often to solve musculoskeletal problems, causing people to forget that prevention is better than cure. With it's sophisticated forward tilt the Activ is definitely all about prevention, ensuring lower back support is maintained as the user leans forward at their desk to use equipment. Add in a seat slide to ensure correct leg support and 4D adjustable armrests to ensure perfect arm support and you have a great office chair suitable for all. The Activ is also manufactured so well it comes with a comprehensive 10 year manufacturers warranty!

Using this chair will have the following benefits;

Reduce complaints of back, shoulder and neck pain

Lower your spend on replacement office chairs

Lower your spend on specialist office seating to solve musculoskeletal problems

Improve employee morale

Improve employee productivity

Reduce absence figures

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