Workstation Assessments (DSE Assessments)

DSE Solutions provide both standard DSE Assessments and Specialist Workstation Assessments with your employees.

Standard DSE Assessments

Everyone that uses a computer at work should have a DSE Assessment; if you employ five or more staff then it becomes law within DSE legislation and should be a set policy within your health and safety manual. We can carry out DSE Assessments for you, not only to ensure everything and everyone is working safely, but also to make the process very simple and easy for you to manage moving forward. A standard DSE Assessment can be done in a number of ways, including online. The most effective way will depend largely on the size of your company and the number of locations you have. Please contact us directly to find out how best to best manage your DSE Assessments.

Specialist Workplace Assessments; £150.00 + vat

These assessments are of benefit following a DSE assessment that has identified the need for some changes to the employees working area, normally due to an injury or disability but not necessarily. We encourage companies to organise this assessment as early as possible to prevent the risk of long term discomfort or lost working hours.

Typically an assessment can take between half an hour and an hour and will initially take place at the employees’ desk or working area. A private room may also be required to protect your employees’ privacy when disclosing any relevant medical history.

A full written report will be provided within 48hours. This report will identify all the changes necessary to ensure normal working duties can be maintained as comfortably as possible.

The report will include:

  • Relevant medical history relating to the injury or disability.
  • Assessment of the working area in relation to the employees needs.
  • Details of existing working postures.
  • Specific and detailed recommendations that include;
  • A) Any immediate changes to the existing layout of equipment or the way equipment is being used.
  • B) Suggested changes to the way the employee goes about their duties. This can include how workload is spread and when rest breaks are taken.
  • C) Specific product changes, if required. These will be products that will greatly improve the comfort of the employee and reduce the risk of further problems.
  • D) Where products can be purchased from and the costs.

Cost: A specialist workplace assessment is £150.00 + vat. There may be some additional travel costs depending on your location.

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Making suitable adjustments for your employees if they are experiencing discomfort is one of your obligations within the DSE Regulations. The adjustments should be identified by someone competent and who has received the appropriate training. Training should also be provided to ensure the employee fully understands how to use the equipment specifically for their needs.

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